3-D Self Portrait Project Description

My “Head” Self Portrait Project is comprised of 2 parts
1: Oil painting on wood panel (14.5 x 19.5 x 1.25) .
2: A 42 second looped 3D animation sequence intended to be played along side the painting on a flat screen LCD monitor.


Through the use of cross section photographs, a 3 dimensional virtual sculpture of my head is constructed in a 3-d animation program.

Downward Spiral, Ben Marxen

A "texture map" or "flat map" is generated from the 3-d rendering and exported to photoshop where the painting reference is constructed utilizing the original cross section photos.

Downward Spiral, Ben Marxen

An original oil painting is then created based on the 2D flat map reference of my face.

Downward Spiral, Ben Marxen

Throughout the painting process, digital photos are taken and arranged in chronological order to create a time lapse video depicting the evolution of the blank canvas to the finished product.

Downward Spiral, Ben Marxen

The video is then imported back into the 3D program and projected onto the original head sculpture (with the sculpture acting like a 3D movie screen). Finally, an animation sequence is generated and transferred to a DVD. The DVD is then played along side the painting on a flat screen LCD monitor.

Downward Spiral, Ben Marxen